Sherman Alexie Superman And Me Thesis

Interestingly, he explains that he sees everything as a paragraph.

He defined the paragraph as a " fence that held words." He placed everything within the paragraph: his family was seven different paragraphs; the reservation was a small paragraph in the larger United States.

In "Superman and Me," Alexie's claim declares that reading can make a difference in a person's life.

Alexie emphasizes that because of the white man's attitude some Indians do not try in school.

His description of his difficulty in the Indian world as an intelligent person strikes a heart string: But Alexie was none of those things.

He refused to fail because he knew is future depended on his education; so he read everything that he could find.

From this, he establishes his authority and character as someone the reader can trust.

He points out that books have made such a difference in his life that he has become a published writer.

Learning to read gave him the confidence to break down a door that had previously prevented Indians from succeeding as well as the driving force that allowed him to persevere against the adversity he faced. Despite all the books he reads, Alexie is surprised he became a writer, he had in fact planned on becoming a pediatrician.

This way of looking at things helped Alexie to find his place in the world.

Throughout the story, he appeals to the emotions [pathos] of the reader.

This encouraged Alexie as a young child to look at books.

Thus, he eventually was able to actually read the words. His first experience was with a Superman comic book.

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