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I guess the best way I can say this, is the professionalism, sincerity and genuine commitment to my project is something we all as consumers wish we could experience with any company we do business with! L., Director of Operations "The Resume and Cover Letter are incredible! I didn't want any stone unturned, so I gave the same information to all these three services and asked them to write my resume and cover letter package.

After 7 months of frustration in getting employers attention, this resume and cover letter was able to do it for me in 15 minutes!! My expectation was an incremental improvement over what I had, but you really took it to another level; I really am speechless."M. T., Marketing/Sales Director "After reading all the reviews and feedback of all the major resume writing services, I short listed [the] three best services available on [the] net.

S., Career Change "I think this resume is outstanding and so is the cover letter. At the same time I hired you I hired a local resume writer because I wanted to see who's would be better. I just have to say that I am overwhelmed with the amount of responses I am getting from employers.

It is without a doubt the resume and cover letter you wrote. I actually cannot even fit in all the interviews and assessments, which I never thought would happen to me!

After less than a week on, I already have a job offer that I accepted; an unbelievable ratio of 1 in 12 views! Being a writer I know how to cut through the clutter of unnecessary verbiage, but the result is that I sell myself short on my resume. They said they'd be looking into [your] services in the future and recommend it to others. The easy and informal way you communicated with me was very reassuring.

I am spreading the word to everyone I come in contact with that [your] resume writers is the only way to go! It's funny because I really wasn't sure what to expect when I signed up to get my resume professional written. I realized how right you were to shorten it the way you did. The cover letter is also super *It's embarrassing to look at the one I was using before now!

* So what I'm trying to say in a nutshell is the resume is perfect.

I've received at least 10 personal / phone interviews. I definitely could not have done it without you and I just wanted to say thank you for your help."R. I had a very respected HR recruiter colleague review the documents and both the writing and the new-to-me formats received RAVE reviews. I received way more responses to my applications than I had even hoped...what's more incredible and why I'm responding to you is every business who contacted me (which were numerous) specifically remarked on how great my resume was written..thought you might want to know..."B. [your] service is truly professional with an excellent customer service.

M., Senior Developer / Architect "Your interpretation of my resume was a grand slam!!!! I wanted to let you know that the first resume your company did for me last year received a fantastic response. I just wanted to thank you for creating such a professional, eye catching resume for me... They gave my resume the cutting edge which is required in [the] job hunting process....

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