Short Easy Essay On Corruption

power (by elected politician or appointed civil servant) for private gain.In order to ensure that not ony public corruption but also private corruption between individuals and businesses could be covered by the same simple definition: Corruption is the misuse of power (by heritage, education, marriage, election, appointment or whatever else) for private gain.Naturally, on top of that there came incidental additional payments by way of thanks for benefits obtained.

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Let us have a look into some of the characteristics. The parliamentarian accepting bribes for using his influence and legislative power to endorse proposals profitable to some, is condemned in public by everyone.

Both parties in exchange of power for privileges want to keep their transaction secret. All those cases may be considered to be abuse of power and authority for one’s own benefit.

That makes it so difficult to establish how wide and deep corruption penetrated our economy and social life. Complainers forget that necessarily there should also be payers who benefit from that abuse of power and authority.

Equally, as regards some business enterprises, it is a known fact that they do not keep any cash for bribes.

They run less risk of falling victims to extortion.

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