Short Essay On Road Accidents

- Rescues in the case of maritime or river disasters follow the principles of solidarity between seafaring people and the norms of national and international maritime law.

In the event of an incident, the rescue measures on board are the responsibility of the captain of the vessel whose priority should be to save the passengers and then the crew.

Moreover, maritime nations generally possess a national service for the sea and navigable channels which is responsible for ensuring the supervision and security of national waters and coasts and also the organisation of rescue at sea.

Because of the specific conditions of navigation at sea, on lakes and rivers, interventions should be the object, in every state concerned, of special emergency plans put into action as soon as the alert is given by a chief of operations named in advance.

Should the damage warrant it, the local authorities can take control of the initial intervention (first aid) by co-ordinating the action of the means available (police, fire brigade, civil defence, health services) in close collaboration with the specialist services of the company involved.

Subsequently, the rescue plan or red alert for rail disasters can be activated by higher political authorities.

In general, a special plan drawn up as a precaution will be activated.

Passengers must obey the directives of the personnel on board (protective and rescue measures) and behave as they are instructed by the regulations on disaster situations, especially air, rail or maritime disasters.

As far as search, rescue and assistance operations are concerned, the means or system of transport involved and the area (country) where it occurs will determine who is the person in charge at the disaster site.

- In case of a major accident occurring in a road with traffic, direct the traffic whilst taking care of your own safety (signal and mark the accident spot).

- Do not touch or move the seriously wounded unless there is a risk of fire or toxic fumes.

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