Should Euthanasia Be Legalized Essay

There are several arguments in favour for the legalisation of euthanasia.

In voluntary euthanasia, it's argued that it shows mercy for those suffering with pain and a disease with no cure, a view which Thomas More (1478-1535) supports.

For example, someone chooses death because they have been diagnosed with a fatal, incurable and painful illness.

Then, after the person has died, it is discovered that the diagnosis was incorrect.

Answers of these questions are also sought through religion.

Questions such as what do we do for the person who is in a coma with no hope for recovery?

It's also questionable as to whether, on the other hand, they could be pressured into asking for voluntary euthanasia by their relatives.

As an example, the conviction of Harold Shipman who, as a doctor, murdered elderly patients over a period of years shows the power of doctors. Conclusion However, some argue that allowing a disabled baby to live is to disable a family.

Maxence Charmetant Professor Socheat Engl 130 April 18, 2013 Why euthanasia should be legalized?

In his book Utopia (1516), More argued that when a patient suffers 'a torturing and lingering pain, so that there is no hope, either of recovery or ease, they may choose rather to die, since they cannot live but in much misery'.

It is an opportunity to end needless suffering, one that we already offer to animals, thus should be offered to humans.

His cry to death and his harrowing confidences has reignited the debate on Euthanasia.

Does Justice can refuse a dignified death to those whom life has abandoned?

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