Should I Buy A Paper Shredder

Considering that a piece of unopened junk mail contains an envelope plus a sheet or two of paper folded three times, that's eight sheets right there.

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But say you see one that's rated for 1,000 sheets a day and you come in at 9 a.m., shred that much paper, and are done by — does that mean you can't shred again that day? Most have sensors, so they start shredding when you put a piece of paper in and turn off when it's shredded.Look out for some of the smaller machines that can't handle shredding a credit card.Make sure the model you get is specifically rated to handle them — same thing with personal CDs and DVDs, which you should destroy before throwing out.There are inexpensive machines that shred just one sheet of paper at a time, and models that cost a little more that can handle 10 to 12 sheets at a time.So depending on how much you need to shred on a daily basis, the question comes down to whether you want to spend 20 minutes a day doing it or three minutes.Once you've had your identity stolen, it's really hard to fix all that. I've been in this business 15 years, so I hear all the horror stories first-hand.Somebody gets a credit card statement and there's suddenly ,000 charged on it, or they check their credit score and discover it's been ruined.If you have tons of paper, like boxes of family records, or taxes, a personal shredder just isn't going to hack it.In that case you'd want a service to shred documents for you.Do you opt for the DIY water route or use a shredding service?Or perhaps you’re in the “there’s no need to shred/destroy anything” camp…

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