Sigmund Freud Psychoanalytic Theory Essay Duke Athlete Senior Thesis

It was about this time also that Freud began his own self-analysis in which he meticulously analysed his dreams in light of unconscious processes culminating in his next major work “The Interpretation of Dreams” (1901).

Freud had by now also developed his therapeutic technique of free association and was no longer practicing hypnosis.

This article hopes to explore in a little more detail some of the main ideas and works of the great man himself, and highlight just how far psychotherapy has come since Freud set out his ideas in the early 1900’s.

For many of us these words are often centred upon the ideas and work of one man…Sigmund Freud.

Images of patterned sofas, Cuban cigars, ambiguous ink blots, Freudian slips and a penchant for all things sexual flood our minds at the very mention of this infamous characters name.

This is the moral part of the psyche and regardless of the situation always believes we should do the moral thing. As such, it is the role of Ego to strike a balance between the demanding id, versus the self- critical super ego.

Freud stated that in healthy individuals the ego is doing a good job in balancing out the needs of these two parts of the psyche, however in those where one of the other parts is dominant the individual struggles and problems develop in the personality.

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