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It doesn’t guarantee success, but great golf psychology does ensure you squeeze every ounce of golfing potential you have on that day, or for every shot you hit. In this sense, psychological skills are similar to physical fitness, there really is a ‘use it or lose it’ loophole tied in to any work you do. In four weeks you will start to benefit, but the real rewards will come 3 months, 3 years or even 10 years down the line.

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Many thanks, Will Two players are standing in the middle of the 18th fairway next to their tee shots; 175 yards away from the green. They focus intently on their swing cue, as they swing the club back they stay committed, but things just don’t feel right.Great golf psychology helps you optimise your performance on any given day.Every day that you step onto a golf course you have a sponge full of potential golfing performance.Before we jump in I would like to add a crucial caveat. Golf is stressful, at times we worry, this leads to all sorts of doubts, anxious thoughts and an array of nervous behavioural traits.Even the top golfers in the world are not impenetrable golfing robots.This allows us to better understand what types stressors an individual player is dealing with at any given time. These two categories make up the majority of stressors that an elite player faces.These categories are: These four categories are not perfect, but hopefully provide boxes that can categorise 95% of the stressors that you will experience when playing golf. Bad swings, lapses in concentration, poor decision making are the bane of most golfers and elite pros are no different.All of these situations cause stress, hence we call each one a ‘stressor’.Each stressor leads to more and more stress building up inside and it is up to you, as a golfer, to decide how to deal with this stress.Following on from these two categories we have the course itself and playing conditions.A tight Par-4 without of bounds down one side, a sandy lie for a pitch shot over a bunker or a howling gale all can cause a player stress.

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