Skeleton Book Report Project Homework Remodels

A bloody-nosed man rushes in, ranting about something in the mist taking John Lee.

The patrons watch as the mist moves across the parking lot towards the market and engulfs it.

The market is damaged by violent tremors, and the patrons hear screams in the mist.

A woman with kids at home eventually asks for someone to escort her home, but everyone refuses, so the woman goes out into the mist alone, toward her car.

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Buddy, Dan and Mike are all killed in the ensuing battle, and David, Ollie and Reppler narrowly escape back to the market.

Carmody is shot by Ollie, causing her followers to snap back to reality and allow David's group to leave.

David, Billy, Amanda and Reppler all make it to the Scout, but Ollie is cut in half by a giant, lobster-like creature, Ambrose retreats back to the store, and Hattie is killed by one of the spider creatures.

Before they leave, however, one of Norton's followers ties a 300-foot clothesline around his waist to tell the remaining patrons when they get past that distance.

At approximately 200 feet, however, Norton's group is attacked by a large, unseen creature and the clothesline is severed, proving to the remaining patrons that there are creatures in the mist.

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