Small Business Continuity Plan Example

All you need to do is record their knowledge and you have your first draft. What creates a robust plan is ongoing maintenance and updates.

Every time you encounter a new incident or carry out an exercise you should update your plan with what you have learned.

You also need to plan for your business operations to continue (even in a vastly reduced capacity) if, for example: Many businesses are effectively location independent nowadays, so adverse weather isn’t as much of a challenge as it was historically.

Similarly, data loss isn’t the huge risk it used to be now that most company email and storage is hosted by Google, Microsoft, Amazon or other providers who look after data on our behalf.

Another reason you may need a Business Continuity Plan is somebody has asked you for it.

Residential fires were almost 15 times more frequent than workplace fires, with 39,600 requiring attendance from the fire services last year.The contingency plans for premises and infrastructure incidents may well end up being the same, as the end result of either type of incident is that you cannot work from your office.However the process for fixing the incidents will be totally different – premises incidents may involve health and safety considerations and building work, whereas infrastructure incidents will probably involve waiting for your utility supplier to fix the problem.Businesses – especially fast-growing young businesses – change, so make sure your business continuity plan is updated regularly to include new systems, providers, members of staff, premises and / or equipment.If you change your plan significantly, it’s definitely worth another dry run to make sure the updated plans work.We’ve put together a handy template if you’re putting together your own business continuity plan, based on the actual business continuity plan we use here at Crunch.Download it, fill it out, test it, and be prepared.Even so, a business continuity plan is essential as your business grows – and if the worst should happen it could very realistically save your firm from going under.When putting a business continuity plan together consider when it will have to be used – probably in the midst of a disaster, emergency, or other incident which is likely to cause stress.You will know that it is a robust document that meets international standards.I strongly believe that you can prepare a Business Continuity Plan in one week – if you have the right people around the table.

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