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If you want a fast and easy way to make a business plan, check out Live Plan.

It walks you step-by-step through building a one-page business plan using prompts, definitions, and video and text tutorials.

Despite being handicapped by a joint BS in Economics and Biology from Yale and an MBA from Stanford, Eric remains a master at “keeping it simple.” An accomplished freelance personal-finance writer, Eric is the author or coauthor of numerous other For Dummies national bestsellers on personal finance, taxes, investing, and home buying, and is a syndicated columnist.

His Personal Finance For Dummies won the Benjamin Franklin Award for Best Business Book.

If your city doesn’t have a good pizza shop, this can be just as much of a “problem” – at least, in the context of a business plan.

For evidence, cite specific conversations you’ve had with residents that expresses their interest for the type of product or service you’re providing.

Also keep in mind, you don’t need to solve a major world issue.You’ll also find out to use the latest technology to improve your business’s performance at every level.Discover how to: Eric Tyson, MBA: A personal financial writer, lecturer, and former financial counselor, for the past two-plus decades Eric has been his own boss. Want to breathe new life into the one you already have?Small Business For Dummies, 3rd Edition provides authoritative guidance on every aspect of starting and growing your business, from financing and budgeting to marketing, management and beyond.One of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make in the early stages is to solve a problem nobody has.Taking some time to explain the problem with factual evidence shows you’ve done the research.Companies who write a business plan are more likely to improve over the following year compared to companies that don’t.We’ll go over the 9 key components of a business plan and how to write your own from start to finish.Next we’ll get into the different mediums you can use to write your business plan (), then provide a business plan template that covers each component to include.A traditional 20-30 page paper business plan is generally only needed when requested from a bank or investor.

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