Social Work Course Requirements Global History Nationalism Essay

Typical topics covered as part of a social work degree program include human growth and development, abnormal psychology, social welfare services and social work ethics.

These are just a few of the many roles social workers play in society.To summarize, a career as a social worker requires a great deal of training.The job can be stressful, but a 12% projected growth rate (BLS), numerous government related roles, and the opportunity to help those in need make social work a stable and rewarding career for individuals who value personal care and relationships.Social workers can find employment opportunities with government agencies, elementary and secondary schools, hospitals, mental health facilities, employee-assistance programs, home health care services, family service agencies, substance abuse centers and more.Common duties of social workers may include providing emotional support to families dealing with diseases such as cancer and AIDS, running support groups, helping families find government assistance programs and writing grant proposals for social programs.This guide goes over everything there is to know about pursuing the profession, including responsibilities, earnings and the many concentrations across the spectrum of social work.Social workers offer a broad range of services at the federal, state and local levels.Read on to learn about education standards, job duties, projected salary and job growth expectations for this field.Social workers assist a variety of groups and populations, including people with disabilities, older adults, children and families.Licensed social workers often focus on serving a specific area of the population.Common specialization areas include medical, public health, gerontological and children and family social work.

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