Social Work Thesis Statement Essay For Management Position

The clients of the social workers can be from various backgrounds, various ethnicities, and various cultures.

All these diversities of the clients are irrespective to the social worker as the main aim is to help the client.

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It is to be understood here that the financial situation of the family is not good based on which shifting to better schools and residential neighborhoods cannot be the option.

These include intimate relationships, dependency and emotional needs, personal advantages and benefits, altruistic gestures and unexpected situations.

These five themes are five of the main classical situations that are faced by the social workers each day in the wake of many complex issues brought about by the clients having social, emotional, and financial issues (Reamer, 2003, p. Of these five themes, three important themes will be chosen.

Being an illegal immigrant, there are no legal papers that can prove their legal status in the country based on which getting jobs is more of a challenge.

Based on violent hardships that the family faced before migrating to U.

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