Society Changing Essay

Although they experience difference in terms of job role, some similarity can be seen.This similarity often comes in the structure or demands a job may come with, and the way that these impacts on the way individuals can manage their work/life balance.

Family units and communities can be seen as the initial institutions for social integration.‘Work’ in this instance is being defined as paid employment, but it is also important to remember that many individuals also take part in unpaid work.These can include extra unpaid hours, travelling to and from work (commuting) or in fact the roles and responsibilities of some work require constant communication, via email, phone calls and other technological communication tools via the development of the internet, is said to have profound implications for the organization of economic activity and for increasing productivity (Castells, 2001) which can be seen as a reason as to why the home and work boundary can see to have become very vague.Much interest into the definitions of work has come from the rise in occupations that allow individuals to complete their work in none ‘traditional’ forms.For example rather than travelling into a communal office or destination, many roles and tasks can be completed independently and as a result there had been a rise in employees working from home.A rise in the number of hours being work, it can be argued that the demands of work begin to dominate life and a sense of work-life imbalance follows (Guest 2001).Staines and Pleck (1983) state those working late nights, weekends, every changing shift patterns or any other ‘disruptive’ work patterns can make managing and scheduling sufficient family time and leisure activities difficult.Finding the balance of combining such important institutions can prove difficult for some and this essay shall attempt to uncover the impact that such a shift in definitions and positions of work has had on the both completing jobs roles successfully as well as maintaining a personal and social identity within the wider community.The way we work is changing fast, and can be seen to be the result of advancements in new technologies, changes in employment legislation and an increasingly competitive and connected global world.To make sure that the correct essay is linked, click on “View Essay”on the list.(6SL009) Work and Society : Assignment two How have recent changes in society affected the work/life balance?

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