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As a matter of fact, the only spacecraft to soft-land on Venus, the Soviet Venera 9, 10 and 13, returned data for only a few minutes before succumbing to the conditions.

Because they formed far from the Sun, these bodies have little refractory material (heavy elements with high melting and vaporization points, such as iron, nickel, silver, gold, platinum, etc.); they are instead made up mostly of lighter substances with lower vaporization temperatures: oxygen, carbon, silicon, hydrogen-rich compounds.

We then created our own creatures based hypothetical life requirements. Homework: Remember your textbook for class tomorrow! Homework: History of the Universe reading (if you didn’t finish in class). Today the students read a brief summery of different scientific theories relating to the origins of the universe!First, we have the really big ones: clockwise from upper left, Earth, Mercury, Mars and Venus.Next, the four large moons of Jupiter: clockwise from upper left, Io, Europa, Callisto, Ganymede.It doesn't really belong here, but I include it so that you can see how it (and smaller asteroids) compare in size to the big boys.Venus is NOT a good place to crash-land your spaceship. Well, the main problem is its very, very thick atmosphere.Finally, three more large moons: Titan and Triton in the upper row, and, at lower left, the Earth's Moon.Last of all, at lower right, is Ceres, the largest asteroid.There are many different bodies orbiting the Sun in our Solar System.Scientists have come up with many ways to classify them.Tomorrow we will find our creatures a home then explore the planets in our solar system. You can find a copy on Student Vue if you lost yours. Tomorrow we will take a look at some evidence of the Big Bang theory and investigate our place in space.Homework: None I sent out Classdojo invites to everyone, please let me know if you didn’t receive an invite.

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