Solving Algebra Problems Step By Step Colon Cancer Research Paper

The exponent (little number) tells you how many times the big number is multiplied by itself.

In this case; 3*3=9 Multiplication can be viewed in many forms, such as 2(10), 2*10, or 2x10.

I want to isolate this 5x on one side and then eventually I'm going to try to get that to being an x.

The best way to isolate it is to get rid of this minus 11.

So we get 4 times negative 18 is equal to x over 4, times 4. You divide something by 4 and multiply by 4, you're just going to be left with an x.

There are no exponents in this problem, but I drew one so you could see what one looks like.

When dealing with exponents, you donot multiply the big number by the little one.

So we can multiply that by 4, but once again, this is an equation. If we were to multiply 18 times 4, 4 times 8 is 32. But this is negative 18 times 4, so it's negative 72. And if we want to check it, we can just substitute it back into that original equation. Let's substitute this into the original equation.

Anything you do to the right-hand side, you have to do to the left-hand side, and vice versa. So the original equation was negative 16 is equal to-- instead of writing x, I'm going to write negative 72-- is equal to negative 72 over 4 plus 2. So this right-hand side simplifies to negative 72 divided by 4.

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