Sound And The Fury Thesis

Lynn perceives him as a metaphysical poet due to the very differences that cause him to be labeled an idiot by the other characters in the book. He constantly tried to communicate with others throughout the course of the novel: when he moaned, cried, and especially when he tried to push his sister Caddy into the bathroom to get her to wash after sensing her impurity.

Faulkner uses Benjy in order to show how even though someone can experience the world through such a beautiful and unique lens, a lens vibrant and noisy with color and sound, their voices can still be dampened by the fear that society has of anything other. But due to people’s ingrained belief that they are better than anyone “other” Benjy’s actions, which are actually portents, are ignored.

It causes us to have a blind spot towards those who could potentially contribute to society.

But Benjy’s so-called illnesses are actually divine gifts that let him perceive the world through an enlightened eye.Davis writes that disability like normalcy is a social construct.That the “problem” is not the person with disabilities; the “problem is the way that normalcy is constructed to create the “problem” of the disabled person” (Davis 3).As a result of their inability to listen to Benjy, the fall of the Compson family was inevitable.Due to having a deeper sensitivity to order and chaos than the average person, Benjy could instantly sense the presence of anything bad or out of place, especially in regards to his family.In his thesis “That Damn Looney: Illuminating Benjy and his Narrative with Objects and Autism,” Evan Chaloupka argues that “given Benjy’s unique characteristics, his object obsession, his social relationships, and his limited language, ‘person with autism’ is a far more accurate label to apply to Benjy” (53).Chaloupka goes on to say that the term “idiot,” by its very use, directs attention to problems of Benjy’s text whereas the term “person with autism” “redirects the reader’s attention to the intriguing features of the narrative: his depictions of familial relationships that are either warmly nourished or coldly neglected; his rapid associative memory that recalls poignant moments in Compson history” (53).On his thirty third birthday his mother referred to him as a baby: “Are you going to take that baby out without his overshoes.” Mother said.“Do you want to make him sick, with the house full of company” (8).Benjy’s narrative evinces how someone with autism experiences the world, most specifically through sound. The first is that when faced with loud noises, such as his mother crying, his immediate response is to become upset.In the following passage, he displays two signs of autistic behavior: “but I didn’t stop and mother caught me in her arms and began to cry and I cried. The second is the effect that the sensory has upon him.

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