Speculative Cover Letters For Cv

Similar to a normal letter, the first section should include your contact information. Minor detail but on the same line, add the date on the right-side (so it sits below your address).

This is placed on the right side of the letter and will have the following details: You will now put who the letter is addressed to. Include the name of the position, along with the reference number (if applicable).

Don't worry, further down we have included examples of a perfectly written introduction!

The first paragraph addresses your interest in the role and why you would like to work at this particular company.

Oh and while you are here, take a look at our CV guide to ensure your application is flawless.

To keep everything neat and well-structured, it is important to know the layout of a cover letter.

Thirdly, [Name of Company] continuous growth in providing international and award-winning services matches my determination to grow into a role that offers many opportunities in the HR industry.

Have you undertaken previous work duties that are similar to the role you are applying for?

Include achievements which demonstrate your proactive personality and high work ethic.

Take a look at our cover letter examples to gain some ideas. James is writing his cover letter for an HR placement opportunity at a data-security company.

In this example, you can see he has listed extra-curricular activities, any relevant work experiences and reasons why he feels the role is suited to him.

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