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The Bible and Christian theology have to address this foundational and dominant influence and impact upon the traditional African life.The belief in the impersonal (mystical) power is dominant and pervasive in traditional African religious thought.Mystical powers can be contagious by contact with objects carrying or mediating such powers.The impersonal powers can be used for both good and evil. Introduction The primary objective of this paper is to define the African traditional religious system as the basis of understanding Christian spiritual warfare within an African context.

His religious beliefs and practices are structured within the framework of his traditional religious worldview.Mystical and mysterious powers can be transmitted through certain object media or by pure spiritual means.Mystical powers can be sent to specific destinations for an intended good or evil.For this reason, the paper serves only as an introduction to the application of Christian spirituality in Africa.There are basic African religious foundations that need to be presented and defined.Our theological approach must go beyond matching Biblical texts with specific traditional beliefs to addressing the theological, philosophical, moral and ethical bases and foundations of these beliefs. Religious beliefs, feelings, practice and behaviour have roots and bases.The traditional conception of mystical and mysterious powers has deep theological roots.The application of the Bible and the Christian Gospel to this very religious belief must address it at its foundations and roots:1) What do traditional Africans feel about the pervasive and dominant presence of the mystical and mysterious powers and forces?The Bible and the Gospel of Christ must address this traditional religious core value and its dominant influence upon man in traditional Africa.When a belief in the potency of mystical and mysterious powers and forces are condemned as demonic, man in traditional Africa needs to know why such things are demonic.They seem to work and he sees and experiences their power, potency and efficacy.

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