Sport And Politics Essay

Whether it’s controversy surrounding the upcoming election or Stephen Curry and the Warriors, chances are, you’ll hear about sports and politics more than you wish during the average day. But whatever the topic is, the player receives criticism one way or the other. Politics are a very serious issue for some people – a subject that gets people very heated at times, such as myself.

Sports, on the other hand, are supposed to be an escape from the everyday world for most people.

While these are the issues of 2008, University of Wisconsin historian Al Senn reminds us that politics and sport have always been intertwined at the Olympics.

His essay puts the politics of the Beijing Games in historical perspective.

Vinokur takes Romania and East Germany and begins dissecting how politics have affected sports.

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Arguments that the Olympics have a sacred character fuel all sides in the dispute over the Beijing Games.Feel free to also listen to our The hot topic of this year's Olympics seems to be "boycott." Protesters argue that China's human rights policies, especially in Tibet, make Beijing an unworthy host for the celebration of human athletic prowess in the Games of the XXIX Olympiad.Olympic officials, on the other hand, speak piously of keeping politics out of sports competition.The article, published by Bleacher Report, received hundreds of comments – most of them not positive.The crux of the comments’ messages: sports and politics don’t mix well. East Germany on the other hand used sports to get recognition of the German Democratic Republic(GDR).Both countries interest between foreign policy and sports was so large, it seems like they care more about athletics then education.Defenders say that politics should not sully this "sacred" event and its "sacred" attributes such as The Flame.Attackers argue that the decision to give China the Games was itself obviously political, and that China does not deserve to host this special and mystical celebration. " Olympic leaders have on occasion invoked religious images.Germany was split up between East and West, with the West gaining worldwide diplomatic reorganization, the GDR know...In today’s world, it’s very hard to not hear about politics or sports wherever you are. There are blatant examples, such as Colin Kaepernick’s National Anthem protests, and there are hidden instances, such as players endorsing certain candidates on social media.

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