Spring In Kashmir Essay

The cloudy weather and high relative humidity help in the reduction of the day and night temperatures in the months of July, August and September read around 34°C and 35°C, while the mean minimum temperature reads around 25°C (Table 2.1).

The mean minimum temperature declines suddenly in the month of October, being only 17.5°C, yet the day temperature reads around 32°C.

There is further decline in the mercury in the months of No­vember.

The relative humidity in May falls to below 20 per cent.In the plain and lower reaches of the Himalayas, the temperature starts rising in the month of March.The mean maximum and mean minimum temperatures in March being 23°C and 12°C at Jammu.This cool local wind has a salubrious influence on the health of the people, enhancing their efficiency and vital­ity.In the summer season the mild morning breeze becomes warm around 10 a.m.Climate has been defined as the average weather conditions at a specific place over a lengthy period of time, i.e., more than 30 years, while the conditions of the atmosphere at any place at a specific time or for a short time is known as weather.In modern usage, the term is used most commonly of world re­gions other than of particular places.Climate of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh Division (Explained With Diagram and Statistics)!Looking at the highly diversified terrain and latitudinal extension of the state it would be appropriate to discuss the climate of the Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh divisions separately.and hot in the noon which blows steadily from west to east. Under the impact of Loo (hot wind) the land becomes parched, the green vegetables wither and fodder crops like Barseem, and Ruzka orchards, maize, fodder, sugarcane and vegetable fields are repeatedly irrigated to protect them from the scorching heat.At the oc­currence of Loo the outdoor activities of farmers remain suspended and they go to their fields only after 4 p.m. At the outbreak of summer monsoon, the temperature comes down.

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