Structure Of Matter Essay

No matter what physical state it was in, it was always water.

Even though the physical state changed, the chemical properties were the same.

Those atoms go on to build the things you see and touch every day. You might have a small object with a lot of mass such as a statue made of lead (Pb).

Atoms and compounds are all made of very small parts of matter.

You are able to smell the volatile compounds that are mixed in the air around you. If energy is added (increasing the temperature) or if energy is taken away (freezing something), you can create a physical change.

Changing the pressure of a system is another way to create a physical change.

Have you ever noticed that you can smell a turkey dinner after it starts to heat up?

As the energy of the molecules inside the turkey heat up, they escape as a gas. Matter only moves from one phase to another by physical means.

Did you know that pieces of pottery make up many of the items found from ancient civilizations?Ceramic materials are usually made from soft clay that is heated up and then slowly cooled. However, the helium (He) inside the balloon is a gas.The clay becomes very hard because water (H Plasmas are highly energized gases that have lost their electrons. Hydrogen (H) and helium (He) ions float around the Sun with their electrons moving freely. Helium is a noble gas that has a very low atomic mass. Although its physical state may change because of different amounts of energy, its atomic structure remains the same. If you could add a second oxygen atom to a water (H). In reality, there are a variety of steps that go into creating hydrogen peroxide from water.Physical changes are related to changes in the immediate environment such as temperature, pressure, and other physical forces.Matter is defined as anything that has mass and takes up space (it has volume). You might have a large object with very little mass such as a balloon filled with helium (He).You should also know there is a difference between mass and weight. Words such as big, little, long, or short are used to describe volumes.If you give a liquid water molecule enough energy, it escapes the liquid phase and becomes a gas.The extra energy allows the molecules to change states.Gases are always around you, but the molecules of a gas are much farther apart than the molecules in a liquid.If a gas has an odor, you’ll often be able to smell it before you can see it.

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