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During the school year, tutors teach your child executive functioning skills through their school work.

We choose one to two classes to focus on more heavily, helping your child improve both their content knowledge and executive functioning skills.

We find that this combination gives students the support they need to implement strategies throughout the week but also pushes them toward independence. During the summer, we can lay the foundation of executive skills that students need to be successful during the school year.

Our summer executive functioning tutoring is typically followed by school year tutoring so students can be supported by their tutor as they transition those skills into their school work.

Finding a tutor who your child connects with and respects can make a world of difference!

Your child's tutor will also work with them to make decisions about which executive functioning strategies to implement and when.

Many students simply need help working more efficiently so they have time for the things they love.

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Note: Any alternative notebook or folder organizational system can be substituted for the two-folders approach outlined here, so long as it follows a similar plan.

Each week, most executive functioning students complete one 1.5 hour in-person session and one 30 minute online check-in.

Students do the bulk of their executive functioning and academic work in the in-person session, and use the online session to check in on progress, make adjustments, and study for upcoming tests and quizzes.

EF skills help us organize our physical (and digital!

) materials, manage our time, plan activities, prepare for tests, and regulate our emotions and mindset.

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