Supreme Court Cases Italicized Essay Essay On Vegetarianism Vs Meat Eating

It contains extensive instructions on how to format case citations, and Rule 10 also provides guidance on citing briefs, court filings, and transcripts.

In addition to Rule 10, you may need to consult the following tables in order to format the case citation: *What Is a Reporter?

If both reporters are being cited, introduce the case using the phrase ‘sub nom.’ Example: Brantford (City) v Montour, 2013 ONCA 560, 367 DLR (4th) 200, (sub nom Detlor v Brantford (City)) 310 OAC 360.

Other Situations You will find examples of other case naming situations in the Canadian Citation Committee’s Case Naming Guidelines, and other citation guides listed on the Home tab of this Legal Citation Guide.

The opinions of a given court or jurisdiction are often published in more than one reporter. If a case is published in a reporter, prescribes which reporter is the preferred one to cite (Table 1).

Canadian readers would readily recognize the citation as being a case found on Westlaw Next Canada and so adding (WL Can) is superfluous.

Unpublished and not available online: David v Evans (26 January 1995), Toronto 91-CQ-5100 (Ont Gen Div).

These Guidelines were adopted by the Canadian Judicial Council on May 7, 2009.

Effectively, all reported cases and all cases found online, since 2009, have properly formatted case names. When citing this case, use the case name formatted as follows: Corp v Canadian American Assn of Professional Baseball Ltd General Rules The following general rules apply to all case names: Example: Antares Shipping Corporation (Plaintiff) Appellant; and The Ship “Capricorn” (also known as the Ship “Alliance”), Portland Shipping Company Inc.

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