Sustainable Packaging Thesis

Empirical study We conducted an empirical study among 249 Dutch students.Stimuli consisted of 14 soup packages constructed from 7 material types (glass jar, bioplastic pot, liquid carton, dry carton and bag, plastic pouch, mixed material pouch consisting of plastic with carton wrapping, can) and two visual schemes (designed to be conventional-looking vs. We used an idiosyncratic method of attribute elicitation (based on triadic sorting) that does not impose predefined criteria, but that allows respondents to freely use their own criteria.tuition fee / semester:€ 363,36* ÖH premium contribution*** Tuition fees for students from third countries € 727 per semester**for additional study expenses(currently up to €83 depending on degree program and year)You would like to work in an area that deals with key issues of the future, such as the avoidance of food waste or the conservation of our resources.You have a technical and scientific background and are interested in the interdisciplinary subject of packaging technology.

This network, which is constantly being expanded, allows us to attract outstanding lecturers, develop R&D projects and make excursions to industrial facilities.

The new master program Packaging Technology and Sustainability and its international perspective are of high importance for the global packaging industry.

Therefore, Austria’s leading packaging companies decided to finance and provide a scholarship for highly qualified applicants from outside the European Union and EEA.

Work experience and employment are beneficial, but not a prerequisite for the degree program.

The master degree program was developed together with renowned companies in the packaging industry and with professional associations of the Austrian Economic Chambers.

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