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In the 18th century, education was not widespread, but all the educated in the Western world wrote.

People “naturally” learned to write by reading, though it was universally assumed that the more specialized arts—music, painting, sculpture—required apprenticeships and conservatories.

My novels were at that point being published by Little, Brown in America, and my editor was friends with an editor in its textbook division who was headed to Tallahassee for a sales talk.

My editor told Chris Christensen to take me out to lunch, which he did, and over shrimp and hush puppies I described my dilemma and my solution. ” By the end of the meal he said, “Let’s try it”—which was all the contract I had when, the following year, as I guest-taught at the Iowa Writer’s Workshop, I put together the first draft of a college textbook at first called * There has of late been a good deal of pushback against the explosion of creative writing as a college subject.

—I should be able to direct an intelligible and helpful classroom conversation. By the end of the 70s my students were learning how to ask about technique, critique each other’s style and structure, and adopt the vocabulary of craft as their own.

Among the Agta of the Philippines, they found to their surprise that storytellers were likely to be judged the most desirable living companions and mates, enjoying prestige greater than the best hunters and warriors.

An analysis of the tales they told suggested that for nomadic people who had neither religion nor government, which rely on punitive methods of instilling good citizenship, it was the stories’ function to promote cooperation, gender equality, and the cementing of social bonds. One is to get its students ready for life in the “real” world.

Such polemics may argue that only fiction writers read fiction, only poets read poetry, and only writers for “little” or literary magazines read those magazines, assuming that such closed communities must be pointless.

Like the parents of many of my former students, they may argue that writing is a dead end if you can’t make a living or a fortune at it. We are, I believe, at a point in history where, the computer and the internet having reintroduced writing as a constant activity, the elite again becomes the demotic, with both good and bad consequences.

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