Teaching Thesis Writing

\n\n But: \u201c The Black Panthers influenced Tupac's ideology.\u201d\n Is that a better choice?

It's gotta be.\n Don't make it too large, don't supersize,\n Keep it really focused , like a camera guy.

\n It's gonna drive your essay, like it's in the cockpit,\n Make it stand out like a nun in the mosh pit.\n\n Put at the end of your first paragraph ,\n Treat it like a baby - are you taking care of that?

\n This is big - a thesis needs to be an Don't say, “ Apple is a company,”\n That's obvious, and sounding kind of dumb to me.\n But if you say: “ Apple's products are overrated,”\n Now that's something that could be \n\n Okay, you can test if it's a thesis,\n“ Is it something that a smart person could disagree with?

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And this song defines a \"thesis,\" as well as offering strategies for writing a strong one.

Many students usually find it hard to make their essays worth reading because of their writing lacks adequacy and focus.

A paper which lacks a thesis statement lacks a focus.

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