Technology During World War 2 Essay Law Of Evidence Coursework

Fire Control radar, on the other hand, was used to locate the position of the target.In the Battle of Britain in August 1940, a radar system, known as the British Chain Home, helped Britain defense against German air attacks by detecting the approach of German air force from far away. Richard Kern HIST 1302 TECHNOLOGY AND WORLD WAR II World War II could be considered as the biggest armed race ever in the human history.The belligerents mobilized a huge amount of resources such as finance and labor to research new advanced weapons with more anti-personnel effect, and to increase productive output.Moreover, high accuracy was one of radar's strength.

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When Germany's plan for a swift military victory went unrealized, the pace of war bogged down.

It was classified into detection and fire control types.

Detection radar was used to warn of the enemies’ ships and aircrafts approaching.

Infantry warfare had depended upon hand-to-hand combat.

World War I popularized the use of the machine gun—capable of bringing down row after row of soldiers from a distance on the battlefield.

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