Technology Is Taking Over Our Lives Essay Literature Review Abstract

The technological development further refining the , introduction of laptops and mini laptops, enhancement in the ease of carrying and usability have established computer as an essential part of daily life.

Having devised it to assist people in their professional goals, the inventor must have never envisaged the extent to which the computer will enter their lives.

Every day, tech developers are announcing new and innovative tech gadgets that are quite easy to use, handy, innovative and effective.

These gadgets improve people's lives significantly and we have a better lifestyle than the past due to this discovery and improvements in technology.

It can get catastrophic more than anyone could even think.

For example, everybody is using cellular devices these days, so they store their personal photos, contact details and even private files on their phones.

Also, technology helps in making other goods that aid mankind. Also, the technology covered a long way to make human life easier but the negative aspect of it can’t be ignored.Thus, it is pretty easy for the hackers to hack into someone's phone and make them publicly available on the internet.Online transaction fraud, malicious virus, health hazard, lack of personal and social bonding are thus attributed towards our inclination towards to technology.As they are completely different fields but they are interdependent on each other.Also, it is due to science contribution we can create new innovation and build new technological tools.For instance, mobile phones have been improved noticeably in terms of performance and usefulness.Nowadays, they're being used in every aspect of life including paying bills, making reminders, taking notes, communicating online, surfing the internet and for many other practical purposes.We should be in control of technology, not let it control us.easier, have performed this task very effectively and, thus, the dependency on the computers has increased substantially owing to the convenience it offers.On the other hand, modern world might have many blessings due to the progress of the technology but not without consequences.The technology has already started controlling our daily life, thought process, social life, the way we relax, communicate with others and so on and on.

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