Technology World War 2 Essay

Originally the Enigma had been invented for commercial purposes, before the German military saw its obvious potential.

They kept these efforts highly secretive so that word would not leak to the German forces.To use the Enigma, the operator first typed the text.Then, by turning a few wheels, they could scramble the message through the machine.To create a dedicated effort towards this end, the British government set up the Code and Cipher School, located in Buckinghamshire’s Bletchley Park.There, they brought in experts in mathematics, logic, and problem solving.Colossus – This article explores the development of the top-secret machine that Allies developed to electronically crack German codes. Military Intelligence – Compare the different types of military coded communication from traditional to state of the art technology of the time.SIGSALY – See how the highly encrypted speech system used by the Allies was developed. The Enigma Machine – Look at a real Enigma machine and read about how it worked.Japanese Transmissions – Japanese troops were inspired by the Germans when it came to developing their own form of encryption.Code Breakers – During WWII, even college students were secretly trained and recruited in encrypted messaging.However, they became careless when it came to this aspect, which ultimately became the main weakness that helped the Allies to decrypt the codes.As the German troops were attacking fast and relentlessly, it became vital for the Allies to intercept and decrypt their intelligence.

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