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Rather than break down with remorse, the man hastily hides his wife's body by walling it up with bricks behind a false facade in the cellar.

The cat that's been tormenting him seems to have disappeared.

While the cat's wound eventually heals, the relationship between the man and his pet has been destroyed.

Eventually, the narrator, filled with self-loathing, comes to detest the cat as a symbol of his own weakness, and in a moment of further insanity, hangs the poor creature by the neck from a tree beside the house where it's left to perish. While the narrator, his wife, and a servant escape, the only thing left standing is a single blackened interior wall—on which, to his horror, the man sees the image of a cat hanging by a noose around its neck.

Relieved, he begins to think he's gotten away with his crime and all will finally be well–until the police eventually show up to search the house.

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He relies on the unreliable first-person narration.Additionally, the setting of the short story is not specified.The readers do not know when or where the action takes place.Thinking to assuage his guilt, the protagonist begins searching out a second black cat to replace Pluto.One night, in a tavern, he eventually finds just such a cat, which accompanies him to the house he now shares with his wife, albeit under greatly reduced circumstances. The narrator begins not only to detest the new cat—which is always underfoot—but to fear it.written by Edgar Allan Poe explores the experiences of a person who is overwhelmed by guilt.The author describes the emotions of a person who has committed a murder.Moreover, this feeling often provokes a person’s fear that cannot be explained in any way. This goal is achieved with the help of various literary elements such as character development, setting, imagery, tone, and symbolism.These elements are important for understanding the peculiarities of a literary work (Roberts and Zweig 465).For instance, at the beginning, he says, “I loved the old man. Moreover, one can say that the main character becomes hypersensitive.It seems to him that he can hear virtually every sound “in the heaven and in the earth” (Poe 110).

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