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In my directions, I tell students that the questions included in each topic are meant to help them generate ideas, but all of the questions do not necessarily need to be addressed in their essays and some questions may be more relevant than others depending on which works and issues they choose to explore.Also, for each topic students are asked to treat only two writers and no more than four works total (for example, one Austen novel and one, two, or at most three poems by one poet).In addition, the social classes seem to be the main cause of conflicts in this novel, and this is portrayed in virtually all the actions of the characters.This paper seeks to unearth these characteristics by focusing on the social status of the characters and find out how it affects marriages portrayed in this novel.In my Romantic Period class, students write a final term paper for which they generate their own topics (according to guidelines I establish) and use outside sources.The topics listed here I have used for either a first paper or a final exam, for which students are asked to draw on evidence from the primary texts, any secondary works assigned for the course, and points brought up in class discussions, but not outside research.

Therefore, she has decided not to marry which is a contrast to her interest in match making for her friends (Austen, 27).Wordsworth finds “soothing thoughts that spring / Out of human suffering” and appreciates the “human heart.” As he loses contact with the divine, he gains closer connection to other mortals.Elizabeth in becomes less detached as she matures, relaxes her defensive wit, and risks emotional engagement with Darcy.Nonetheless, they are alike in that both challenge traditional gender roles for their time.In addition, both agree that maturity brings greater closeness to other human beings.This is because it leads to a number of mistakes that eventually affect the lives of others.One of the characters is Emma Woodhouse who is the central character of the story.Although she is compassionate to the poor, she has a strong sense of class.This is portrayed in the many ways in which she tries to influence the decisions of others to match with class.The two Austen novels I have used in this class are , but instructors may be able to apply the topics listed to other Austen works.In addition, they may think of other works by male (or female) Romantic writers that could be treated with these topics.

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