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After raising almost ,000 in a Kickstarter campaign we embarked on a journey – to film all of Shakespeare’s sonnets, each performed by a different actor in a carefully chosen New York City location.

It began as project with a deadline – by Shakespeare’s 450th birthday (April 23rd 2014) all 154 sonnets would be assigned, filmed and released on our website and You Tube.

The novels will be published simultaneously across the English-speaking world in print, digital and audio formats.

Hogarth is currently in discussion with a number of writers, with further announcements expected soon.

We share the hidden drama of the weeks, days, and hours before ‘lights up’ on stage.

By revealing the world of the rehearsal room, dressing room, backstage and beyond, our documentaries and interviews introduce theatre as a vibrant, exciting art form through a familiar and accessible medium.), to name a few.

This page will be your gateway to books, journal articles, video, and web resources.

Over 30 institutions contributed to the online exhibition, which is convened by the Folger Library.

Chief partners include the Bodleian Library, the British Library, The National Archives, and Shakespeare Birthplace a completely crazy idea dreamed up by Ross Williams from NY Shakespeare Exchange. It’s a tapestry of cinematic art that infuses the poetry of William Shakespeare into the poetry of New York City. We began this project as a continuation of our mission – getting new audiences to like Shakespeare.

The Global Shakespeares Video & Performance Archive is a collaborative project providing online access to performances of Shakespeare from many parts of the world as well as essays and metadata provided by scholars and educators in the field.

The idea that Shakespeare is a author has taken many forms since the building of the Globe playhouse.

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