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Teresa knight, another book critic, says that the book is uncertain and what really happens is left to the reader’s interpretation.

It is agreeable because when you finish reading it, the story could end in different ways depending on how you interpret the story (Graison).

The Giver The Giver, written by Lois Lowry, is about Jonas who is a young boy selected by the Elders to be the Receiver of Memory.

Being almost twelve, it’s the time for the chief Elder to assign him such profession.

The book also relays a good message saying that war is bad implying that the author is a hippie.

When Jonas’ friends played war, he freaks out because of the memories of actual war.

You may choose any ONE of the four topics listed below.

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Jonas discovers after a year of training that people being released were actually being given lethal injection.

The same is true with Gabriel, a sick baby being taken cared by Jonas’ family who also has light eyes.

He will be released from the community if he doesn’t get better within a year or two.

For him it can’t be recommended for someone seeking a fine piece of literature because its contents were dull and predictable. The book captures the life of a young boy named Jonas, up to his twelfth birthday.

Being a dreadful book, it made him more and more dissatisfied with each page. The young boy's society has eliminated pain and strife.

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