The Help Movie Review Essay

* When I first saw the trailer for several months ago I was not familiar with the book.The moment I saw the first maid’s uniform grace the screen, I knew I was going to be upset.By the end of the trailer, which contained all the familiar, reductive elements of a movie about the segregated South, I had worked myself into a nice, frothy rage.In the following months, I continued to see the trailer only now it was plastered all over the Internet and on television and the reprinted tie-in book version was heavily hyped, even climbing back to the top of the Amazon bestseller list because this is one of those books nearly everyone seems to love.

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There are some heartbreaking subplots but mostly the story hinges on a little white lie, so to speak. More than that, though, I am troubled by how little has changed.

Last week, I borrowed the book from a friend, read it, raged more.

* is billed as inspirational, charming and heart warming.

Spencer is also formidable as Minny Jackson, the “sassy” maid (where sassy is code for uppity), who works, at the beginning of the movie, for the petty, vindictive and socially powerful Hilly Holbrook (Bryce Dallas Howard), president of the Junior League.

Hilly Holbrook’s claim to fame is among other cruelties, proposing an initiative ordering all white homes to provide separate bathrooms for the “colored” help.

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