The Hobbit Book Report Summary

Bilbo is a comfort loving hobbit, like most, although he has Tookish ancestors who had more adventuresome lives.When Gandalf the wizard offers to send him adventuring, he refuses, and invites him to tea to change the subject. A dozen dwarves and then Gandalf arrive the next day, to his surprise, and he entertains them all, unexpectedly having to feed them everything in the larder.While they sleep goblins come in through a secret door and attempt to take them prisoner.Bilbo awakens, yells, and the dwarves and Gandalf fight the goblins.

They are being brought before the Great Goblin, who harangues them and tells them they are to be executed. Bilbo, who has been carried by Dori, falls and is knocked unconscious. He feels a little metal circle in the dark, puts it in his pocket, and continues crawling.They sing songs about the love of gold, and discuss their planned adventure, and Bilbo, to his own surprise, offers to join in.Gandalf gives the dwarf leader, Thorin Oakenshield, a map and key from his ancestors and Bilbo goes to sleep, already regretting his decision.When the dwarves try to rescue him, they are caught as well.The trolls are going to eat them, but begin to argue about the way to cook them.The lights go out and the Great Goblin is killed by the sword belonging to Gandalf. Eventually he is found by the creature Gollum, named for the sound he makes.He bargains with Gollum, agreeing to play a riddle game. Tolkien as a children's book and first published in Great Britain in 1937 by George Allen & Unwin.While "The Hobbit" was by no means the first fantasy novel, it was among the first to combine influences from multiple sources.Elements of the book draw from Norse mythology, classic fairy tales, Jewish literature, and the works of 19th century Victorian children's authors such as George Mac Donald (author The novel takes place in the fictional land of Middle Earth, a complex fantasy world which Tolkien developed in detail.The book contains carefully drawn maps showing various parts of Middle Earth including the peaceful and fertile Shire, the Mines of Moria, the Lonely Mountain, and Mirkwood Forest.

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