The Importance Of Being Bilingual. Essay

Bilingualism offers greater exposure to different cultures and builds bridges between them.Knowledge of different languages entails a treasure of traditional and contemporary sayings, idioms, history, folk stories, music, movies, literature, and poetry of different countries and cultures.

It isn't uncommon to come across bilinguals who, not only have a command over their first or native language but are also fluent in a second, vernacular or foreign language as well.

Their research also revealed that the age of onset of Alzheimer's is directly proportionate to the degree of bilingualism. Their temperament is generally adaptive and they can be more genial, as compared to single language speakers.

With increased familiarity of dialects, they find greater confidence and sense of self-esteem.

According to common underlying proficiency (CUP) model of language processing, even though the database of different languages is interconnected in our minds, it is stored in separate compartments and thus does not interfere or encroach upon the other.

Thereby, making it possible for bilinguals to switch between two languages with equal ease and fluency.

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