The Short Happy Life Of Francis Macomber Essays

Just as he was enjoying his moment of becoming a man, Margot shot him in his head either because she was trying to protect him or she loathed her husband transforming into a powerful man.That explained why Francis Macomber had a happy but a very short life.A few weeks later, he finds himself on the brink between life and death, unable to treat such a severe infection.Throughout the whole story, his life is flashing before his eyes as he recalls all of the major events that occurred in his past.The story is based upon an actual scandal that had taken place in Kenya involving a wife, a love affair, and the wife's implication in the death of her husband, which was suppressed in the media and covered up by the British government.Ernest Hemingway was an intricate and dedicated writer who devoted a significant portion of his life to writing multiple genres of stories.Hemingway was the consummate sportsman; few others in American history, with the possible exception of Teddy Roosevelt, have come to symbolize with such consistency the spirit of the outdoorsman.Yet Hemingway's characters add an interesting and telling dimension to this myth.

After resolving his actions, in order to demonstrate his bravery, Macomber managed to shoot three buffaloes the next day and stood ground while facing a charging beast.

Women and Femininity - The only female character in the story, Margot Macomber, is presented as a mystery; whether her intentions are pitiful or not, or if she has killed Francis "accidentally." Still, her beauty and wits which lead to her power and dominance over her husband is a destruction and brings harm to Francis' masculinity.

Violence * Physical - Wilson threatens the servants with beatings thinking they would prefer punishment rather than losing money; Hunting down buffaloes from a car; Margot shooting Macomber in the head like hunting down a beast.

* Psychological - Margot tormenting her husband with her insults and infidelity. is one of Ernest Hemmingway's short stories in which the protagonist, Francis Macomber, becomes a man which, according to Hemmingway, can be gained by hunting down fierce wild animals.

Marriage - Margot's beauty and Macomber's wealth - Dispute between wife and husband - Margot begins to sleep with other men but Macomber dares not anger her and at the same time, Margot realizes his fear to lose her. The story has a depressing content, yet, is a very realistic and captivating portrayal of human nature; illusions can be shattered by the shock of reality (demonstrated by immediate end of Francis Macomber's happy life brought about by his jealous wife, Margot).

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