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In terms of education, African Americans should not be taught merely to earn money.

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In addition, they explain that the color line “addresses the historical and institutional (i.e., colonial) dimensions of race” (269). Garry Rolison professed that when we think of Europe we normally think of whites and their resources which provide them with good living conditions (e.g., abundance of food and potable water). His concepts include “the color-line”, “the veil”, and the “double consciousness” (Appelrouth and Edles, 269). In his conversation of what it means to be other he constructed and included three major concepts that continue to resonate till this day.Although it is true how the notes are played would be as important as the order and which notes are played. It is clear that an accurate interpretation of the bars in The Souls of Black Folk would need to be informed by the tone of the chapter in which they appear. Du Bois The Souls Of Black Folk is a sentinel work both in terms of describing for the modern reader the struggle of the freed slaves in their movement from slave to truly free, but also in describing the character or soul of the black community of the time.v-vi) This made me wonder as I read what these songs sounded like, unfortunately, unless one has a deep understanding of sheet music hearing the notes leap off the page in a written format is not possible.Du Bois returns to an examination of rural African American life with a presentation of Dougherty County, Georgia as representative of life in the Southern Black Belt.He presents the history and current conditions of the county. Du Bois has contributed greatly to contemporary sociological thinking because he began a conversation of what it means to be “other” in this American Society.Together, these concepts not only described past experiences of blacks in American society (e.g., slavery) but also continue to remind us that the relation of whites and people of color remains complex.

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