The Stranger By Albert Camus Critical Essay Terrorism And Corruption Essay

When he states, “When I had to give up my studies, I learned very quickly that none of it really mattered” (41), a measure of insight can be gained from the moment.It might explain why Meursault is such a disconnected character; he had to give up his dreams.Finally, three pages from the end, his detached façade cracks, and raging emotions pours out as Meursault narrates, “I started yelling at the top of my lungs, and I insulted him and told him not to waste his prayers on me. I was pouring out on him everything that was in my heart, cries of anger and cries of joy” (120).

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This makes it clear why it is difficult to invest in a story like , and a character like Meursault.Looking at the facts of Meursault’s character thus far, questions arise as to the motive of the shooting. Was it his inability to grieve for his mother, which was then projected into anger?Was it the fact that he didn’t care about anything at all – or did he simply want to prove that he didn’t care?Meursault conveys, “I knew that I had shattered the harmony of the day, the exceptional silence of a beach where I been happy.And it was like knocking four quick times on the door of unhappiness” (51).If your reader can’t empathize with the character in some way, you risk losing your audience” (Lamb 140).The reader trundles toward the end of the book, looking for some insight, some hope that Meursault will develop as a character.Yet again, one wonders if the character is only trying to convince himself of his unfeeling nature, but the story itself drags because there is no connection between the character and the heart of the reader.indicates the importance of this connection: “Readers like to identify with the characters they are reading about.As a result of that moment, perhaps he convinced himself nothing mattered.Perhaps that is why he puts forth the idea that, “People never change their lives.

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