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He had to deal with the struggle of his blame for Ted Lavender’s and Kiowa’s death.

He had leadership but, in turn, it led astray with the deaths he experienced in the war.

When reading this study guide, note the designations used to distinguish between Tim O’Brien the author and the fictional character in the novel, “Tim O’Brien”.

Despite the similarities that the two share, it is important to remember that the work is a novel and not the autobiography of the author.

One of the characters in the book named Jimmy Cross was the lieutenant/leader of Tim O’Brien’s group in the Vietnam War.

Throughout the events that took place, deaths occurred leaving Cross feeling responsible for the deaths.

Several of the characters in the book seek out resolution.We will seek to answer this question throughout the course of this unit focused on the Vietnam War era.Students will learn and sharpen reading, writing, and research skills through the study of this era.O’Brien chose to subtitle the book, “A Work of Fiction”, and successfully and intentionally blurs the lines of reality and fantasy by dedicating his work to individuals who will later be revealed as being the novel’s fictional characters.To further complicate the overlapping of genres, and the continual shifts between fact and fiction, the protagonist in is a veteran of the Vietnam war by the name of “Tim O’Brien.” With the creation of this fictional persona, O’Brien is effectively able to explore his true emotions as if they were fictitious and challenges readers to reconsider stories that they perceive to be false, as they could just as easily be true.The novel is, rather, presented as the autobiography of the fictional “Tim O’Brien.”The medium becomes a part of the message of the novel: the undependable main character “Tim O’Brien” continues to challenge the truth of the stories he tells and the things he hears and passes on, which, in turn, causes the audience to question the truth in the stories that O’Brien shares with them.* Thesis: Jimmy Cross has leadership but falls short of it because of his guilt of the deaths in his group so he lives his life in grief since he never forgave himself of the deaths.While the rest of the group went looking for his body, Cross, the leader, went in a type of revelation believing that, once again, he should take the blame for other soldier’s death. The two friends sit and reminiscence about the war.While getting the body, he thinks that someone or something has to take the blame. When they two see a picture of Ted Lavender, Jimmy Cross confesses he never forgave himself.We're sorry, this computer has been flagged for suspicious activity.If you are a member, we ask that you confirm your identity by entering in your email.

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