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Theymight have been replaced by equally prodigious things, of course,but their nature and results are beyond our guessing.But thematter that interests me personally is that I would not be HEREnow, but somewhere else; and probably black--there is no telling. And very really and thankfullyglad, too, though I never cared anything about it before.I know how I came to be literary, and I will tell the stepsthat lead up to it and brought it about.The crossing of the Rubicon was not the first one, it washardly even a recent one; I should have to go back ages before Caesar's day to find the first one.Perhaps the most celebrated turning-point recorded inhistory was the crossing of the Rubicon.Suetonius says: Coming up with his troops on the banks of the Rubicon, hehalted for a while, and, revolving in his mind the importance ofthe step he was on the point of taking, he turned to those abouthim and said, "We may still retreat; but if we pass this littlebridge, nothing is left for us but to fight it out in arms."This was a stupendously important moment.You, the reader, have a PERSONAL interest in that link, andso have I; so has the rest of the human race.It was one of thelinks in your life-chain, and it was one of the links in mine.

We only knowthat the things that did happen would not have happened.

When not only the shepherds, but a number of soldiers also,flocked to listen to him, and some trumpeters among them, hesnatched a trumpet from one of them, ran to the river with it,and, sounding the advance with a piercing blast, crossed to theother side.

Upon this, Caesar exclaimed: "Let us go whither theomens of the gods and the iniquity of our enemies call up. Such vast events--each a link inthe HUMAN RACE'S life-chain; each event producing the next one,and that one the next one, and so on: the destruction of therepublic; the founding of the empire; the breaking up of theempire; the rise of Christianity upon its ruins; the spread ofthe religion to other lands--and so on; link by link took itsappointed place at its appointed time, the discovery of Americabeing one of them; our Revolution another; the inflow of Englishand other immigrants another; their drift westward (my ancestorsamong them) another; the settlement of certain of them in Missouri, which resulted in ME.

It is onlythe LAST link in a very long chain of turning-points commissionedto produce the cardinal result; it is not any more important thanthe humblest of its ten thousand predecessors.

Each of the tenthousand did its appointed share, on its appointed date, inforwarding the scheme, and they were all necessary; to have leftout any one of them would have defeated the scheme and broughtabout SOME OTHER result.

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