Thesis About Learning English Language Essay On Evidence Law

Specifically, for language learning motivation can be understood as learners’ orientation with regard to the goal of learning a second language.As Wilkins (1972) points out that "motivation is a term which occurs in discussion of the second rather than the first language learning".There are two types of motivation: intrinsic motivation and extrinsic motivation (Deci & Ryan, 1985).

It begins provides a definition of motivation and factors that affect motivation, then with a description of a current English class in China, and concludes with recommendations for motivating Chinese students to learn English as a second language.Chinese university students who are motivated to learn English are more efficient at becoming fluent in English.According to Cook (2000), it believes strongly that acquisition and learning are not related and that language can only be acquired.Moreover, whether can carry out tasks successfully or not also effects students’ level of motivation and capacities to succeed in learning the target language.Other learning situation is which teachers influence students to learn the language.According to Wong (2003), teachers’ personality, behaviour and teaching methods would impact on students’ learning process strongly.If the students are not motivated well, it would be a challenging task for the teacher.The extrinsic motivation is motivation which is engaged in an activity as a means to an end.Individuals who have extrinsic motivation work on tasks because they believe that participant will result in desirable outcomes such as a reward, teacher praise, or avoidance of punishment (Pintrich & Schunk, 1996).Yet, we don't really know what motivation is or whether it actually exists neither.One of leading researcher in language learning motivation, Dornyei (2001) claims that motivation is an abstract, hypothetical concept that we use to explain why people think and behave as they do.

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