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The leading partner (Erasmus University of Rotterdam) administers finances of the IMISCOE Research Network and guarantees financial accountability.

The task of the Financial Committee is to prepare financial control for the Board of Directors. The Editorial Committee guarantees the quality of the IMISCOE publications and herein reviews submitted publication, advises on the structure of the IMISCOE publication program. The, External Affairs Committee defines policies concerning IMISCOE’s external relations, in particular relations to the broader social, policy and political environment.

At this very moment, regimes all over the world are targeting our colleagues, keeping them from pursuing their scientific objectives.

The IMISCOE Solidarity Fund for collective action aims to support these academics.

Finally, there are several committees specifically for IMISCOE Awards, including Maria Baganha Ph D Award committee, and the Rinus Penninx Best Paper award committee.

The Board of Directors represents the highest authority of the network and decides on the network structuring activities — the joint programme of activities, the allocating of funds and the financial accounting, any changes in the membership and appointments of new working groups. The Board of Directors consists of all directors of the partner institutes (or their mandated representatives), each having one vote in decision-making.

The Ph D Representative coordinates the work carried out by the working groups, and functions as the contact point between the Ph D Network and the IMISCOE Network.

Read more about the Ph D Network’s activities and working groups by clicking on the links below.

The Network has several dedicated working groups, each with active members who plan and carry out activities relevant for Ph D migration scholars.

The Thesis Award was launched by the Secretariat of the Bonn Convention on Migratory Species, on the occasion of its 25th Anniversary in 2004.

It was bestowed for the first time at the 8th meeting of the CMS Conference of the Parties (COP8) in November 2005, in association with Museum Alexander Koenig and the Global Register of Migratory Species.

The prize is awarded to one or two recipients of a Ph. from a Canadian university whose overall performance in graduate school is judged to be the most outstanding.

Although the dissertation will be the most important criterion (the impact of the results, the creativity of the work, the quality of exposition, etc.) it will not be the only one.

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