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It is worth taking some time to understand this distinction, because the path taken in researching your finance thesis will depend upon it.The academic finance thesis has a strong theoretical component while the practical finance thesis is more concerned with depicting and analyzing finance as it takes place on the ground.

In this way, structuring your practical finance thesis is largely a matter of adopting the format that is best suited to telling your story.

You present your research proposal in a plenary meeting with the other students of your supervisor, and receive approval of your research proposal.

When your progress is insufficient at this point, you will have to put in substantial extra effort in period 4 to be able to finish your thesis in time.

Moreover, the new (final) grade cannot be higher than a 6; this is only to be fair to students who finish their finish in shorter time.

If your thesis is graded with a 4 or less, no opportunity is offered to revise and re-submit. The thesis needs to be written and completed in semester 2 and is chosen for its relevance, academic merit, and particularly for its integration of a ‘real world perspective’ into an economics issue. has acquired subscriptions to Wharton Research Data Services (WRDS), Compustat, Bank Focus, and Eikon.

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