Thesis In Nursing Administration

Ulanimo PDF Perceived Social Support among Chinese American Hemodialysis Patients, Kaklam Wong PDF Screening of Postpartum Depression Among Chinese Immigrants, Beahwa Yeoh PDF Maternal-fetal attachment among Vietnamese mothers in the first, second, and third trimesters of pregnancy: A pilot study., Barbara Choo PDF Staff Perceptions of Workload and Care Requirements for Incontinent Patients in Long-term Care Settings, Amy M.

Crickmer PDF Assessing Health Beliefs about Colonoscopy, Katherine Gipsh PDF A Survey of California's Nurse Practitioners' Regarding Practice, Knowledge and Atitudes of the National Asthma Management Guidelines, Colleen M.

Kolesnikov PDF A Study of Adolescent Depression Among Middle School Students, Cristina Lee PDF Evaluation of a School Based Disaster Preparedness Program, Sandra Linebarger PDF The Influence of Staff Nurse Ethnicity on Perceptions of the Work Environment, Silvia Helena Martins PDF Factors Affecting Nursing Students' Attitudes Towards Older Adults, Tracy Mc Cammon PDF Self-Efficacy and Grade Point Average in Relationship to Academic Success in Baccalaureate Nursing Students, Cynthia Miller PDF A Survey of Perceived Job satisfaction Among School Nurses, Warren Nelson PDF The Relationship Between Perceived and Ideal Body Size and Body Mass Index Among 9th Grade Students in an Urban High School, Irma Orozco PDF How Special Education Teachers of High School-Aged Students Address Sex Education, Amelia Owen-Casillas PDF The Cost of Negative Perceptions of the Work Environment Among Intermediate Intensive Care Unit Nurses, Joselyn Peralta PDF An Added Dimension to the Faculty Role: The Accelerated Student, Lisa Rauch and Deborah Nelson PDF Cultural Identity of Labor and Delivery Nurses In the Assessment of Pregnant Patients For Interpersonal Violence, Ramona Nichols Smith PDF Multigenerational Nurses' Perceptions of their Work Environment, Rukhsana Syed PDF Student Demographics with Changing Admission Criteria: Is Nursing Diversity at Risk?

, Jung Yoon and Kimlin Mc Daniel Keith PDF Practice Patterns Contributing to Positive Patient Outcomes by Nurse Practitioners, Kandice Bandy PDF The Relationship Between Student Perceptions of Faculty Support and Student Perceptions of Clinical Competency, Linda Clark PDF Quality of Life and Medical Compliance in the Adolescent Kidney Transplant Population ---A Pilot Study, Catherine Costaglio PDF Evaluation of an oral health training program for school nurses, Linda Drengler PDF Evaluation of the Effectiveness of a Diabetes Managment Training Program for Unlicensed Assistive Personnel in Schools, Elaine M.

Conde PDF The elicitation of experience-based knowledge from expert PICU nurses, Helen K.

Mojica PDF The Effect of Body Position and Mattress Type on Interface Pressure in Quadriplegic Adults-a Pilot Study, Parivash Moody PDF Nursing Students' Self-Efficacy and Attitude: Examining the Influence ofthe Omaha System In Nurse Managed Centers, Cherie Mooy PDF Pet Therapy Use in Pediatric Hospitals: an Internet Based Pilot Study, Kara Potter PDF Investigating the Correlation Between Nurses' Spiritual Well-Being and Spiritual Care Perspectives, Marion Lieber Reyes PDF Demographics and Perceptions of Work Environment for Registered Nurses, Pamela Brotherton Sedano PDF Quality of Life after Heart Transplantation, Jacqueline Trammell PDF Nurse Practitioners' Characteristics and Job Satisfaction, Priscilla Wild PDF Comparing nursing student learning using lecture and lecture with CD-ROMs, Brenda A.

Achelpohl-Chagolla PDF Pet-facilitated occupational therapy : efficacy in a psychiatric setting, Ciara Cox PDF Symptom perception and symptom reporting in chronically ill older persons, Virginia Lassins Fujihara PDF Nurses' personal health habits and cardiovascular disease risk factors, Ashraf M.

Keane PDF Depression Among the Elderly: Screening Practices and Attitudes Among Nurse Practitioners, Grace Le PDF Role Strain of Nursing Students in Obstetrical Clinical Rotations: Is Role Strain Greater for Male Students? Lind PDF English Language Acculturation and Academic Achievement Among Junior Year Nursing Students, Leah Lukrich PDF Productivity Environmental Preference Survey (PEPS) of Undergraduate Nursing Students - A Generational Perspective, Susana Machado PDF Self Perceptions of Clinical Performance of Accelerated First Degree and Accelerated Second-Degree Graduates, Neelam N.

Murthi PDF Postpartum Patients Reports of Satisfaction with a Welcome Meal after a Vaginal Delivery, Jessica R.

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