Thesis Lessons Learned Working At A Golf Course

I usually try to get to class at least 10 minutes early, if not 15 or 20.I have found that by doing this, students start to come early to visit.I first started giving quizzes because so many students were always late.These students were distracting and somewhat frustrating.

As educators, under fair use laws and more recently creative commons laws, we have all kinds of cool privileges to use the best resources for our students. Much of this is "common sense." But given the nature of colleges and universities today and the nature of students (especially the "classroom lawyers"), it is helpful to carefully articulate all expectations, rules, and any exceptions. For example, in a student success course, students are much more likely to complete and do so with care an essay requiring two to three pages compared to a worksheet/mini-project.

When teaching, we have to allow for their past educational experiences (or lack of experiences).

The best way to break this barrier and to get them to actually learn is by using very different methods to deliver and assess course material. Of course, students are not our equals – we have more formal academic training and have leadership of the classroom – but we should treat hem as equals.

As long as the focus is on learning, everything will be fine. Numerous low-stakes assignments that use all of the senses are best.

Of course the number of students enrolled and the length of a semester, along with other tasks in a given semester, greatly influence the nature and number of assignments.

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