Thesis On Financial Performance Of Companies

The collected data are briefly examined using descriptive statistics, and the relationships between the variables are analyzed using correlation analysis.Multiple regression models are used to examine the hypotheses, with the empirical analysis conducted via SPSS 23.0.After 2012, there has been a substantial change in the way that the KEJI index is calculated: the evaluation item “contribution to economic development” has been excluded.Accordingly, compared with measurements from before 2011, the index’s credibility as a proxy for CSR performance has been enhanced.In 2000, the UN enacted the UN Global Compact as an international protocol.

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Analysis of the correlation between CSR performance and financial performance indicators revealed a positive relationship between the growth rate of total assets and corporate soundness and social contribution.

This study analyzed whether a systematic relationship exists between corporate social responsibility (CSR) performance and corporate financial performance using 191 sample firms listed on the Korea Exchange.

The Korea Economic Justice Institute (KEJI) index of 2015 was used to measure CSR performance; profitability and firm value were used to measure corporate financial performance.

To conduct the empirical analysis, this study uses the financial data of the top 191 companies selected as good companies by the KEJI at the end of 2015.

The KEJI index is used as a proxy variable for CSR activity (the independent variable).

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