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Society must allow for and actively encourage positive definitions of manhood. Danielle Hoffmeester is a Masters candidate in Political Studies at the University of the Western Cape.Until two years ago, her focus centred on issues of security and democracy, in particular how the use and/or threat of weapons of warfare impact on the stability of established and fledgling democracies.He asked the boys, aged 16 and 17 years old, about initiation practices, and was told that initiation was referred and related to displays of fearlessness and the need to prove oneself; to be devoid of fear, to be which literally translates as ‘strong bones’.Cooper noted that sterkbene is an ongoing process that is never fulfilled; it is constantly re-enacted through violence, like killings and rapes.

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The topic of masculinity is one I revisit time and again because it affects the very lives of other, often marginalised identities, and because it is such a long-running enigma for many men.

In a society that lacks opportunity for the majority of South African youth, does the idealisation of the flashy gangster and prosperous thug life inspire young boys and men to adopt the attitudes and actions that will too, in their mind, help them overcome adversity and establish their place in society?

Danielle Hoffmeester looks at the societal issues that lead to gangsterism.

It is why, when asked where a particular gang is from people typically respond with the area “they rule”.

In a time where marginalised black youth (used generically to include coloured people) are feeling increasingly disillusioned with South Africa’s democracy and its empty promises of prosperity, the thought of exercising any kind of control over an area, a group of people, or trade, is enticing.

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