Thesis On Telenor

However, some companies are meant to end up in business relationship divorce that we observed in our study.

To begin with, in chapter one, we have an introduction to the research field of our paper.

We help each other - you will always receive infinite supports from the trainee family whenever you need. What is your biggest challenge so far as a trainee? Once you become a trainee, you will get tons of attention from everyone in your division, and they would be more than happy to involve you in their projects.

As a rule, a venture can have a long-lasting relationship having in view trust, culture, and business relationships as the key elements.What would you say to someone considering applying for trainee next year?If you love challenges, are eager to develop not only hard working competence but also stakeholder management skills, and appreciate international exposure, go with the trainee program in Telenor.In this master thesis, we have investigated the concepts of trust, cultural difference, and business relationship between Norway and Russia.We analyzed their impact on the inter-organizational relationship in the example of Telenor (Norwegian) and Vimpel Com (Russian) joint venture.The core focus here is to answer our problem statement and show what we have contributed and discovered during the study.Finally, in chapter nine we suggest the issues that can be explored broader in the further research.In addition the trainee program is extremely flexible.Since it is not retention based, I have the chance to take on any projects throughout the whole organization, from customer service center, taking calls, finding solutions to enhance the customer experience to stay awake until midnight being part of the launch of new products.Also, we have decided to divide the discussion part into small sections, so it will be easier for the reader to know what concept we are discussing and analyzing.Later in chapter six, we think it is necessary to present the implication part, which justifies the significance of our research.

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